Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patchwork & Quilting Workshop

I was invited to facilitate a Patchwork & Quilting workshop by Pustaka Miri as part of free public education program. They've been looking for someone to volunteer to teach P&Q since 2006 and when they discovered this blog, they decided to try their luck. I happily accepted unconditionally.

I started the program with introduction slides (including common terminologies, tools & usage of P&Q):
Some sample quilts displayed (belonged to me and Button Point):

The first lesson is on material cutting:

Next on sewing the patchworks:

There were about 25 participants on the day:

Answering questions from participants:

My only male 'student' helping me to cut the batting:

Quilting lesson:

Binding lesson:

The project:

Group photos with some of the participants:


masni said...

salam along roz,

Saya Masni dr miri juak.. terkilan sebab sik tauk ada aktiviti quilting yang u buat kat Pustaka...bila nak buat lagi..kamek berminat nak belajar.. sila hubungi kami di 019 8165103

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wealth of knowledge, tips & sharing. I will treasure it forever & ever.

Cik Mala.

MaDiHaA said...

wahhh... interesting!! kalau dekat sure sy pun join sekali!!

MamaFaMi said...

Salam Along...

Mama jadi ralit going through all your work. If only I know how to do quiliting, mesti best. Paling best, kalau Along yang jadi cikgu! Mesti mama cepat pandai sebab cikgunya pandai.... I especially liked the jewels in my garden tu. Very colorful indeed!

Norasikin said...

Jom main masak2 pulak guna resepi khusus untuk berniaga

Anita Zainal said...

Salam, saya berminat dgn hasil kerja puan.Can you find someone/yourself who will be interested to ambil upah...I have the fabrics...the rest fr0om your side.Pls call me at 017-3288884 Pn anita

MAK TEH said...

patchwork tu nama dia ' card trick ' kan?cantik banget