Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bath Towels for JJ

Baby towels

This is a late posting. I made this in Sep last year as a gift to Mamasya's baby when she visited Miri.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patchwork & Quilting Workshop

I was invited to facilitate a Patchwork & Quilting workshop by Pustaka Miri as part of free public education program. They've been looking for someone to volunteer to teach P&Q since 2006 and when they discovered this blog, they decided to try their luck. I happily accepted unconditionally.

I started the program with introduction slides (including common terminologies, tools & usage of P&Q):
Some sample quilts displayed (belonged to me and Button Point):

The first lesson is on material cutting:

Next on sewing the patchworks:

There were about 25 participants on the day:

Answering questions from participants:

My only male 'student' helping me to cut the batting:

Quilting lesson:

Binding lesson:

The project:

Group photos with some of the participants:

The Quilt Arrived in Holand

Sheh Hwa has arrived in Holand few months back & she sent me the above photos to show where she proudly displayed the quilt I made for her. Although it was made to hang above her bed, the quilt fits well in her dining room of her new rented house. This is what she said to me in her email "I am sending you the photos of the wonderful quilt pattern  you made for me. I have hung it in my dining room in my house over here as there is a wall just suited for it. Wanted to show off your work as well! My husband looks at it and is much appreciated at the work that went into it by you".

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jewels in My Garden

Size: 56.5" x 45"
  Finally I made this quilt after promising Sheh Hwa for 2 years. She wanted to hang it above her bed but at the end I only managed to complete it before she move to Holand. It took me a month from start to the end but I only had weekends to do it. Sheh Hwa chose the design & color from my book "Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns". Seems that she is my only customer so far but charged at cost with free labour. Don't think I will make for anyone again. So SH can consider herself lucky..... hehe.

Handphone Pouch

I made this simple handphone pouch for Jaja with her initial on it. It was not difficult to make but took me ages to get to do it due to conflicting priorities.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gift for SH

The Women Network threw a farewell party for SH at my house in Mar'09, as SH was leaving for Netherlands. Apart from enjoying the sumptuous foods we did a surprise farewell shower - everyone to buy small gifts for her. The above three items were from me which she can easily carry to Holand. The two items have matching strawberry design.

Gift for Aziemas

This is a gift for my lovely blog friend.

Gift for MR

This was a year ago, a gift to Natto as the first MR forumer who left message on HomeKreation blog when it was first opened.

Towel Embroidery

This was ordered by MR co-forumer last year but only now I've got time to collect old files for publication. I don't normally take orders but this is one exception as she persuaded hard for favour.